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Artists From Around The World - A Child Of Samara.

The mission of IKAT wear is to support artists and creative people all around the world. We hope that by raising awareness of freelancers, artists and creators from different countries we can build a community where intercultural networking can result in bold projects and harmonious collaborations. And earth without art is just eh (Demetri Martin).

Today’s feature has directly contributed to the creation of IKAT WEAR as a brand.

Please, meet Mikhail Golovachev - graphic designer, brand identity specialist from Samara, Russia.

Mikhail was born in 1984 and from an early childhood has developed his own style of drawing. He finished art school and was recognized and featured in several publications. His works were featured in exhibitions in Russia. Every step of the journey has contributed to the experience and gradual improvement of his designer skills.

After finishing university Mikhail continued to practice his craft in his father’s graphic design studio. He decided to carry on the family craft and dedicate his life to logo design and brand identity development.

Currently Mikhail is working on several projects from various countries and industries. He is not only a professional of his craft, he is truly passionate about gathering raw materials and building a full brand identity from scratch. He can help with trademark, naming, logo development and personal style. From putting together a full brand book to animations, patterns, illustrations, even prints for fabrics and web-design solutions - Mikhail is your guy.

Mikhail’s studio has now 15 years of experience in the industry and an amazing team behind a talented leader.

It was pure destiny that Mikhail and IKAT wear met somewhere in an online space. The master immediately showed interest in the ethnic component of the project - which was important for ikat wear team.

After a long and productive creative process we came up with the identity for IKAT wear. The logo and unique font that could encompass ethnic components, feminine and friendship components and the element of mutual support.

Mikhail and his team are always looking for new interesting projects. He does not shy away from the challenge and approaches the creative project with professionalism, which is a huge plus!

If you or someone you know is looking to build a strong brand, Mikhail’s team is here to help.

You can contact him via telegram @owlogo.

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